Sunday, May 19, 2013

Olympiad 2013

Olympiad 2013 was another exciting and dramatic day.  Young Chess players from across Belize from North to South, East and West all arrived by 7.30am to take part in fun activities through the day.  From the opening with the Garifuna drummers and dancers, marching band, with the 38 teams marching proudly in with their hand made banners, to the final presentation of trophies, the day was packed with fun, sharing and learning.
The theme for the banners, puzzles and poster making was 'Keep Wildlife Free, Only Capture in Chess.  The theme was enhanced with posters donated from the Belize Zoo, these gave examples of endangered wildlife and why we should not keep animals caged.  The following pictures give some idea of the colourful spectacle that was the Olympiad 2013. 
For chess results please see separate page, from home page, labelled Olympiad 2013.

Stiltwalkers from Caracol Youth Group start off the opening ceremony.
One of the East Cayo teams in full wildlife dress
Stann Creek teams arrive on stage, greeted by the district representatives
Players eagerly waiting for the start of the game.
Working together to solve the puzzles.
Art, Chess and wildlife to make up the banner.
Creating posters between games
One of the winning posters.
Getting inspiration from the amazing Harpy Eagle.
Learning to juggle with the Caracol Youth Group leaders.
Kite making led by Mr. Hyde, kites were successfully flown later in the day
Nice Artwork from Corozal.
A friendly handshake to start the game.
Respect and sportsmanship winners.
The top female players.

8 years and under Champions.

Top Female team, Sparkling Queens from Stann Creek.

9 and 10 years champions.

11 year old champions.

Top 12 year olds.

13 and 14 year Champions.

15 to 17 Champions.

3rd place team, Guardian Angels, East Cayo

2nd place team, Undefeated Kings from Orange Walk.
1st place team, Sho Time from Stann Creek
Chess personalities from across the country.
Tournament Directors for the day.

Best Entry for Opening Ceremony, East Cayo.
U.B. Gymasium, transformed for the day.