Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Chess Olympiad 2010

Last year Olympiad winners: Cayo district

This year: Stann Creek CheckMates the Nation !

The Belize National Youth Chess Foundation’s third annual national chess tournament, “Chess Olympiad 2010” was held on Saturday, April 17th, at the UB Gymnasium in Belmopan with over 400 persons in attendance to support almost 200 players who arrived from across Belize.

Stann Creek teams, led by Brian Chun, Stann Creek Chess Association President, won every team award offered at the Olympiad. Well, almost.. Two all female teams tied for first place in the category of Top Female team and only one of the teams was from Stann Creek. The second tied team for first place was from Corozal. That’s right.. Corozal was the kink in the Stann Creek’s armor, preventing them from Blitzing the entire tournament.

Team Standings:

First Place Team: 4C Chess Champions from Stann Creek, Fitzroy Chan of Delille High School, Jovel Chaic of Maya Mopan Primary, Zahira Chun of Hope Creek Methodist, Luis Tut of Delille High School, Coach: Rosana Chun. In addition to the team prize they got the travelling trophy that was won last year by Cayo Team.

Second Place Team: Supreme Pawns from Stann Creek, Alfred Awe of Ecumenical High, Delroy Chan of Holy Angels Primary, Ivan Pixabaj of Silk Grass Methodist, Javier Lisbey of Ecumenical High, Coach Ray Lawrence.

Third Place Team tied between: Knightwish chess team from Stann Creek, Kris Sanchez of Delille High School, Kennrick Francisco Jr. of Lady of Gudelupe, Lloyd Augustine Jr. of Sacred Heart Primary, Rick Pascascio of Ecumenical High, coach Brian Chun

and:Medieval Knights of Stann Creek, Ivor Pixaabaj of Silk Grass Methodist, Jerome Sho of Silk Grass Methodist, Dolores Sho of Silk Grass Methodist, Herman Bull of Silk Grass Methodist, coach Pedro Pixabaj.

In the category of top female team, there was a tie.. and along with the Stann Creek’s Princess Pawns female team, Corozal’s Soaring Queens also won first place.

1st place female team from Corozal: Soaring Queens, Karisa Thomas of Paraiso Govt. S, Ana Mendoza of Paraiso Govt. S, Irene Perez of Santa Clara R.C.S, Xena Tzul of San Narciso R.C.S, Coach: Rosana Ake

1st Place female team from Stann Creek: Princess Pawns, Collen Tate of Ecumenical High, Amira Tate of Sacred Heart Primary, Zahira Martinez of Hope Creek Methodist, Rajel Villafranco of Ecumenical High, coach: Debbie Chun

During the 2008 Olympiad, Stann Creek tied for first place team competition with Toledo and during the 2009 Olympiad, Cayo team won the first place team title; so in 2010, a real competition raged between all six districts. Although all teams from all districts played exceptionally and with brave hearts, it was the 4 Stann Creek Teams that closed out the day.

The Belize National Youth Chess Foundation CONGRATULATES and SALUTES the efforts of Brian Chun, his coaches, community volunteers and supporters in Stann Creek for their outstanding performance this year in the Team standings at the Chess Olympiad 2010.

And the Indvidual Winners are ..

With over 400 persons in attendance to support almost 200 chess players from across Belize, the competition was strong and fierce .. but sportsmanship and team playing proved to be the strongest results in the end.

Belize National Youth Chess Foundation coaches promote sportsmanship, team efforts, winning with humility and loosing with dignity, best efforts.. all these components and many more are a valued trait of “Ultimate Belize Chess Players”.

Governor General’s Special Award presented to: Gabriel Cocom, Cayo, highest rated young player.

Best Female Players: 8 and under: Zahira Chun, SC,. 9 and 10: Juanita Rash, Tol,. 11 and 12: Amira Tate, SC. 13 and 14: Maricella Cocom, Cayo. 15 + older: Virginia Cus, Tol. 60 + older: Leonie Cain, Cayo, Golden Kings and Queens

Best individual players:

8 and under: 1st Place: Jovel Chaic, SC. 2nd Place: Zyrian Juarez, Czl, 3rd Place: Nigel Romero, Tol. 4th Place: Gabriel Cocom . 5th Place: Zahira Chun, SC. 6th Place: Akeem Roches, Bze.

9 and 10 yrs: 1st Place: Lloyd Augustine, SC. 2nd Place: Jerome Sho, SC. 3rd Place: Jeremy Chiang, Cayo. 4th Place: Ivan Pixabaj, SC. 5th Place: Kiederre Loria, Czl. 6th Place: Juanita Rash, Tol.

11 and 12 yrs: 1st Place: Luis Acosta, Bze. 2nd Place Dwayne Rodriguez, Bze. 3rd Place: Estevan Coy, Tol. 4th Place: Simon Lotiff, Cayo, 5th Place: Dolores Sho, Sc. 6th Place: Brent Coombs, Cayo

13 and 14 yrs:1st Place: Akeem Jenkins, Cayo. 2nd Place: Kris Sanchez, SC. 3rd Place: Ivor Pixabaj, SC. 4th Place: Luis Tut, SC. 5th Place: Alfred Awe, SC,6th Place: Rick Pascascio, SC
15 and over: 1st Place: Javier Lisbey, SC. 2nd Place: Fitzroy Chan, SC. 3rd Place: Hilberto Choc, Tol. 4th Place: Virginia Cus, Tol. 5th Place: Albert Cus, Tol. 6th Place: Michael Pollard, Bze.

60 and over: 1st Place: Charles Williams, Cayo; 2nd Place: Ross Blumentrit, Cayo;3rd Place: Judy Williams, Cayo; a tie for 4th Place: Ms.Leonie Cain, Cayo; Ms. Felicita Finney, Cayo; Ms. Pat Robinson, Cayo; Mr. Lionel Kissling, Cayo

From 5 to 85 Years Young.

This year’s Olympiad 2010, not only drew their highest attendance with just over 400 persons attending the Tournament, but also provided the most diverse group of players to date. This year, the team of the “Golden Kings and Queens” made their debut at the Olympiad. Although there were many other new teams and some were at the tournament for their first time as well, this team was special; made up of grandparents and great grandparents. This new team was drawn to the chess world in order to work with the children as mentors to the younger generation.. but what they found is that the children wanted to spend just as much time with them.

At one point of the tournament, spectators saw the Golden Kings and Queens playing through a round surrounded by dozens of young children who were all offering their assistance and help to the senior players. Ian Anderson, national chairman of BNYCF stated, “to see these senior players surrounded by 5 and 6 year olds, chatting with and helping each other.. this is what life is suppose to be all about… a meeting of the generations.. a sharing of emotions. I know this will have an everlasting effect on both generations. I am most proud of these eight ladies and gentleman who have braved this new world of chess and children”. The eight members of the Golden Kings and Queens are: Mr. Lionel Kissling, Lady Leonie Cain, Mr. Charles Williams, Ms. Judy Williams, Ms. Pat Robinson, Ms. Felicita Finney, Mr. Ross Blumentrit and Mr. Raul Ramirez.

Mr. Lionel Kissling from Belmopan at 85 years young and Zhair Lizama from Belize city at 5 years old are seen here hand in hand during the awards ceremony with Chess King Arnold and Queen Stacia.

As usual, we also have a lot of other awards: for best efforts, for best sportsmanship, for the longest games and for the best puzzles solving.

Best Sportsmanship
8 and under -Ariola Cucul , Toledo
9 and 10- Danitza Jimenez, Orange Walk
11 and 12 -Tatiana Henderson, Cayo
13 and 14- Kokil Gomez, Belize
15 and over -Gavino Ishim, Toledo
60 and older - Judy Williams, Charlie Williams, Ross Blumentrit
Best Effort 8 and under -Gesselle Coc, Belize 9 and 10 -Xena Tzul, Corozal 11 and 12 -Rebecca Bradley 13 and 14 -Brian Escalante, Belize 15 and older -Elida frutos, Cayo 60 and older -Pat Robinso, and Leonie Cain
Longest Games 8 and under -Brenda Lee (Belize) and Jovel Chiac, Stann Creek 9 and 10-Brandon Usher (Belize) and Winston Wu (Cayo) 11 and 12 -Vanessa Cucul (Toledo) and Brent Coombs (Cayo) 13 and 14-Coleen Tate (StCr) and Macheavor Choc (toledo) 15 and older -Youngin Gomez (Belize) and Virginia Cus (toledo) 60 and older -Fely Finney and Lionel Kisling
Best visuals/banners-Toledo district
Best presentation at the opening ceremony- Stann Creek district
Special Award from Governor General to the Highest rated young player: Gabriel Cocom

Royal Guests join the Chess Olympiad 2010This years Chess Olympiad 2010 came into its own with over 400 attendees including almost 200 participants. Dancing in the aisles brings a new meaning as the opening ceremonies that included the Julio Garcia Stiltwalkers from Arenal Village, Victoria Gongora and the Ecumenical Band and Majorettes from Dangriga, Ms. Margaret Castillo and the Garifuna Drummers and Dancers from Dangriga along with the Kings own guard lining the Gauntlet.

Royal Guests join the Chess Olympiad 2010

The first guests to enter the Olympiad Hall, escorted by King Arnold and his Queen Stacia were the Governor General Sir Colville Young; Honorable Simean Lopez, Mayor of Belmopan; His Excellency, Honorable Luis Manuel Lopez, Ambassador of Mexico; His Excellency, Honorable Vinai Thummalapally , Ambassador of the United States of America; His Excellency, Honorable Edgar Garcia, Ambassador of Costa Rica; His Excellency, Honorable Roberto Coutinho, Ambassador of Brazil; Mr. John Carr, Director of Banana Bank Lodge, a life sponsor of BNYCF, Mrs. Shelly Usher, Director of Builders Hardware, Belmopan, supporter of BNYCF and one of the sponsors of Olympiad 2010.

Of course its all about the kids and these Royal Dignitaries certainly made the opening ceremonies complete with their support and love for the children that they welcomed to the stage, one at a time, one by one. Seeing the serious yet spellbound expression on both the children’s faces and those of the Ambassadors and Governor General made everyone’s heart just melt away. Sir Colville Young presented the children with an antidotal story on chess then officially called the Tournament to order.
BNYCF would like to thank the Governor General and the attending Ambassadors and businesspersons for their support to the BNYCF by making the event considerably more important to the children by their presence.

Chess Personalities of the Year, 2010
Although there are always a core group of people who push forward and make all organizations initially start up, the continued success of any program would not be possible without full support from Volunteers who cherish their responsibilities and take ownership in everything they do. Many of these volunteers not only invest their own time, but also the time that would normally be spent with their own families alone and expend finances that many can not afford to expense, but do anyways.This year we honor many of those volunteer who have excelled in their volunteer work with the Belize National Youth Chess Foundation .. we honor and thank them for their unselfish efforts to support the children of Belize, to providing our children with tools in learning that will help them throughout their entire lives; most of whom are not even their own children.
This year we honor many of those volunteer who have excelled in their volunteer work with the Belize National Youth Chess Foundation .. we honor and thank them for their unselfish efforts to support the children of Belize, to providing our children with tools in learning that will help them throughout their entire lives; most of whom are not even their own children. From Stann Creek: Mr. Brian Chun, Mr. Pedro Pixabaj, Mr. Francis Humphreys, Mr. Modesto Chun, Mrs. Rosanna Chun, Mrs. Debbie Chun, Mr. Alfred AweMs. Colleen Tate. From Toledo: Mr. Jose Teul, Mr. Policarpo Cus, Mr. Adinaldo Requena, Ms.Juanita Edwards, Ms. Aurora Coc, Ms. Gloria Coc, Ms. Desiderius Bol, Mr. Javier Coy, Ms. Daine Teul. From Corozal: Mr. Humberto Juarez, Ms. Rosana Ake, Mr. Raymur Ake, Mr.Gilberto Perez, Mr. Angel Mejia. From Orange Walk: Mr. Coy Thompson, Mr. Arnaldo Perez, Ms. Melissa Thompson. From Belize: Mr. David Martinez, Ms. Valerie Rodriguez, Ms. Lucretia Tillet, Ms.Debbie Burns, Ms. Tania Mahler, Mr Santos, Ms, Gloricella Torrez, Ms.Anelie May. From Cayo West: Mr. David Coombs, Ms. Tania Obando, Ms. Margaret Lotiff, Mr. Rene Mai, Mr. Jaime Sanchez, Mr. Jacque Jones. From Cayo East: Mr. Lionel Kissing, Mr. America Waight, Ms. Anita Azueta, Richard and Heitha Bean, Mr. Ricardo Bailey, Mr. Gabriel Baron, Mr. Edgar Martinez, Mr. Darrel Smith, Mr. Carlos Cocom
A VERY Special Thanks and Expression of Gratitude to Edgar Martinez and Darrel Smith of Armenia village who helped to run the tournaments and camps in all the districts, throughout the entire country during this past year. If there was an event they missed, we couldn’t identify it !!

The whole day was full of excitments not only for chess players but for the spectators as well:
puzzles solving
It was fun to be in the tournament hall as well as outside:

You could get even great face paintings:

We hope to see you all at the next Belize Chess Olympiad in April 2011.
And now you have a chance to see the very beginning of the event- big surprise to all the participants- International Chess Grand Master Maurice Ashley addressed the players at the very beginning of the event. From his last visits he knows a lot of our players and coaches, and even he has a very busy schedule in New York, he still finds time to keep an eye on the progress of our program.