Monday, June 6, 2011

Toledo Female Team is the strongest in the nation!

On May 21, 2011, The BEST of the BEST chess players from each District throughout Belize met at the UB Gymnasium in Belmopan to represent their districts in the Grand National
Chess Olympiad 2011

From the start, when a Wizard introduced the King and Queen, who were followed by a marching band,

stilt walkers, Garifuna dancers and even a dancing clown,

the tone was set for a spectacular event. It was truly a celebration of art, imagination, creativity, sportsmanship and chess!

For the last year chess players around the country have been preparing for a tournament that Chess Grandmaster Maurice Ashley said was “what all chess tournaments should be.”

With the start of the first round it was clear that the chess being played would live up to all the excitement of the opening ceremony. The hard work of the BNYCF and hundreds of volunteers had clearly paid off.

However, while each player was already a winner in representing their district at this national event, in the end, only a handful of the nearly 200 competitors could claim victory at the 2011 Belize Chess Olympiad.


Top Team: 1st - Supreme Pawns, SC, Ivan Pixabaj, Ivor Pixabaj, Alfred Awe, Javier Lisbey; Congratulations Stann Creek!

They remained the proud honers of the traveling trophy!

2nd (Tie)place - Famous Knights, E. Cayo, Gabriel Cocom, Jeremy Chiang, Christian Velasquez, Akeem Jenkins and The Generals, Bze, Marc Noble, Dwayne Rodriguez, Steve Flowers, Joshua Gegg

3rd place - Crusty Kings, SC, Kenrick Fransisco, Lloyd Augustine, Kris Sanchez, Rick Pascasio;

First place Female Team :

Team from Toledo, Powerful Queens: Juanita Rash, Silvia Pan, Virginia Cus, Betty Bul. Toledo is the leading district in the country in developing and promoting chess among the girls. Congratulations, Toledo!

Individual results:

8 Years and Under: 1st - Gabriel Cocom, E. Cayo; 2nd - Delroy Chan, SC; 3rd - Aaron Tamay, Czl; 4th - Isani Cal, Tol; 5th - Stefan Henderson, E. Cayo; 6th - Nigel Romero, Tol

9 and 10 Years: 1st - Vincent Hulse, W. Cayo; 2nd – Keiderre Loria, Czl; 3rd – Jeremy Chaing, E. Cayo; 4th – Luis Zavala, OW; 5th – Lizandro Yascal, Czl; 6th – Benjamin Perez, W. Cayo

11 Years: 1st – Ivan Pixibaj, SC; 2nd – Lloyd Augustine, SC; 3rd – Pedro Tamay, Czl; 4th – Juanita Rash, Tol; 5th – Leander Compos, OW; 6th – Jerome Sho, SC.

12 Years: 1st – Dwayne Rodriguez, Bze; 2nd – Joshua Chaing, E. Cayo; 3rd – Lorenzo Cho, E. Cayo; 4th – Mauricio Noble, Bze; 5th – Zack Anderson, E. Cayo; 6th – Erwin Wills, E. Cayo.

13 and 14 Years: 1st- Ivor Pixibaj, SC; 2nd - Dolores Sho, SC; 3rd - Simon Lotiff, W. Cayo; 4th - Jason Argueta, SC; 5th - Yassir Gonzales, OW; 6th - Kris Sanchez, SC.

15 and Older: 1st - Alfred Awe, SC; 2nd - Steve Flowers, Bze; 3rd - Akeem Jenkins, E. Cayo; 4th - Javier Lisbey, SC; 5th - Hilberto Choc,Tol; 6th - Christian Aban;

Best Female individual players: Nia Beane, E. Cayo, Isiaris Barrera, E. Cayo, Juanita Rash, Tol, Tatiana Henderson E. Cayo, Teresita Rash, Tol , Maricela Cocom, E. Cayo.

Golden Kings and Queens: 1st - Gerry Sharoni, 2nd - Cordelia Raymond, 3rd - Marge Petzold, 4th - Leonie Cain, 5th - Nellie Quigley, 6th - Ernest Raymond.

Open Section: 1st- Carlton Roches, Bze; 2nd - Christobal Campos, Tol; 3rd - Andy Ko, OW

Additional Awards:

Sportsmanship - Owen Martinez, OW; Kenrick Fransisco, SC; Kyle Rodriguez, Bze; Herman Alvarez, SC; Shakira Valle, Bze; Maricela Cocom, E. Cayo.

Effort - Zhair Lizama, Bze; Michael Gomez, E. Cayo; Benjamin Jimenez, OW; Everaldo Coh, Tol; Eliazar Garrido, OW; Michaelynn Young, SC.

Perseverance - Thaddia Hulse, W. Cayo, Michelle Briceno, OW; Victoria Yat, OW; Xena Zul. Czl; :Leander Campos, OW; Jamal Witty, W. Cayo; Natalia Henderson, E. Cayo; Delores Sho, SC; Gabriel Campos, OW; Michael Schwietzer, W. Cayo.

Puzzles - Heizen Loria, Czl; Keiderre Loria, Czl; Brandon Usher, Bze; Amairie Huitz, Czl; Troy Roches, Bze; Dong Pan Xiao, OW.

Art Work - Ludvin Pat, W. Cayo; Ethon Martinez, W. Cayo; Eden Pech, Czl; Tiago Tonaco, Bze; Chenoa Gonzalez, W. Cayo.

Team Banners: 1st - Righteous Rooks, W. Cayo 2nd - U-Knighted, SC; 3rd - Krispy Kings, E. Cayo.

Best District Presentation at Opening Ceremony - Stann Creek, Brian Chun.

Mr. Kisling Award for most senior and Youngest Players: Most Senior - Nellie Quigley, Cayo; Youngest - Kaylon Viarez, Toledo

Chess Coaches of the Year: Gilberto Perez, Czl; Eric Cal, OW; Kevin Frasure, OW; Rosana Chun, SC; Brian Chun, SC; David Martinez, Bze; Santos Carbahal, Bze; Policarpo Cus, Tol; Jose Teul, Tol; Richard Beane, E. Cayo; Karen Chaleki, E. Cayo; Ella Anderson, E. Cayo; Ronnie Ulloa, W. Cayo; David Coombs, W. Cayo.

Chess Personalities of the Year: Bze - Santos Carbajal, Valerie Rodriguez, Debbie Burns, Charlton Roches; W. Cayo - Tanya Hulse, Armando Cowo, Abdul Lotiff, Jon Ottley, Jay Coombs; E. Cayo - Alma Gomez, America Waight, Leonie Cain, John Shannon; Czl - Angel Mejia, Omar Huitz, Elvia Huitz, Pamela Cob, Humberto Juarez; OW - Elena Carballo, Marja Zavala, Jose Lahera, Arnaldo Perez; SC - Pedro Pixabaj, Mr. Longsworth, Jerry Collins, Mardi Collins, Francis Humphreys; Tol - Policarpo Cus, Evagrio Bol, Carolina Rush, Aurora Coc, Gustavo Bul.

Special THANKS goes to Caracol Stiltwalkers from Arenal. THis is their second year of participation in teh Chess Olympiad. Here is a bit of information for those who are not familiar with them:

Caracol is a youth development and community arts organisation working in the Adjacency zone between Belize and Guatemala. We use all forms of art as tools for personal development, confidence building and group formation. The stilt walker group rehearse each week to present their shows that include acrobatics, juggling and dance. The group also produce their own costumes using sewing machines given as donations. Stilts are not toys they are a serious tool that require dedication, fitness, flexibility and respect; a stiltwalker cannot function well alone! The stiltwalkers from Arenal have performed twice at the Chess Olympiad and also at the Belie City Carnival, The National Festival of Arts Parade, Spelling B, Independance Day Parades in Benque Viejo del Carmen, Mango Fest, Cayo Arts Festival, Band Fest, Festival of Lights in Cristo Rey, World March for Peace and Non Violence in Melchor De Mencos and in numerous other events in Belize and Guatemala.

It was a day of fun, music, arts and entertainment,, the way our National Chess Olympiads always are!

Special Gratitude for Individuals and Businesses who helped to sponsor the event!

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