Sunday, May 19, 2013

Olympiad 2013

Olympiad 2013 was another exciting and dramatic day.  Young Chess players from across Belize from North to South, East and West all arrived by 7.30am to take part in fun activities through the day.  From the opening with the Garifuna drummers and dancers, marching band, with the 38 teams marching proudly in with their hand made banners, to the final presentation of trophies, the day was packed with fun, sharing and learning.
The theme for the banners, puzzles and poster making was 'Keep Wildlife Free, Only Capture in Chess.  The theme was enhanced with posters donated from the Belize Zoo, these gave examples of endangered wildlife and why we should not keep animals caged.  The following pictures give some idea of the colourful spectacle that was the Olympiad 2013. 
For chess results please see separate page, from home page, labelled Olympiad 2013.

Stiltwalkers from Caracol Youth Group start off the opening ceremony.
One of the East Cayo teams in full wildlife dress
Stann Creek teams arrive on stage, greeted by the district representatives
Players eagerly waiting for the start of the game.
Working together to solve the puzzles.
Art, Chess and wildlife to make up the banner.
Creating posters between games
One of the winning posters.
Getting inspiration from the amazing Harpy Eagle.
Learning to juggle with the Caracol Youth Group leaders.
Kite making led by Mr. Hyde, kites were successfully flown later in the day
Nice Artwork from Corozal.
A friendly handshake to start the game.
Respect and sportsmanship winners.
The top female players.

8 years and under Champions.

Top Female team, Sparkling Queens from Stann Creek.

9 and 10 years champions.

11 year old champions.

Top 12 year olds.

13 and 14 year Champions.

15 to 17 Champions.

3rd place team, Guardian Angels, East Cayo

2nd place team, Undefeated Kings from Orange Walk.
1st place team, Sho Time from Stann Creek
Chess personalities from across the country.
Tournament Directors for the day.

Best Entry for Opening Ceremony, East Cayo.
U.B. Gymasium, transformed for the day.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Olympiad 2012

Chess Olympiad 2012
The Olympiad took place on the 19th of May 2012 at the UB Gymnasium in Belmopan.
Entrance to the kingdom, where the battling between minds began.

Entering with lots of excitement and music
Marching bands were following along, performing for the grand opening. The feeling was great, music, dances, stilt walkers, it was amazing.


It's all about having fun and dancing with Ozzie the clown.

Face painting

not only chess, it's creativity

Although all the players were already winners in representing their district, only the best of the best were the winners of the Olympiad.


Natalia Henderson East Cayo, Maricela Cocom East Cayo, Aylene Perez Orange Walk,
Irene Perez Orange Walk, Ariola Cucul Toledo


Virginia Cus, Vanessa Cucul, Lydia Rash, Darleen Rash
Toledo has the strongest female team in the country

1st place award!!
Stann Creek are the champions again!!
Javier Lisby, Alfred Awe, Feliciano Pixabaj, Jerome Sho

3rd Place Team
Brandon Usher, Jeremy Quinto, Mauricio Noble, Zekith Flowers

8 and under
1st place:Markiese Brown W Cayo, 2nd place: Aaron Sho Sc, 3rd: Jermaine Shol Tol, 4th: Heizen Loria Corozal, 5th: Markiem Brown W Cayo, 6th: Giovanny Shol Toledo

9 and 10 section
1st place: Myles Coombs W Cayo, 2nd: Jovel Chiac SC, 3rd: Godfrey Cus Toledo, 4th: Samuel Sho SC, 5th: Gilbert Tesecum Toledo, 6th: Ariola Cucul Toledo

11 and 12 Winners
1st place: Jeremy Chiang E Cayo, 2nd: Keiderre Loria Corozal, 3rd: Jerome Sho SC, 4th Zekith Flowers Bz, Mark Noble Bz, 6th: Kareem Jenkins E Cayo

13 years old section winners
1st place: Mauricio Noble Bz, 2nd: Joshua Chiang E Cayo, 3rd: Zac Anderson E Cayo, 4th: Walter Perez OW, 5th: Lorenzo Sho E Cayo, 6th: Dwayne Rodriguez Bz

16 and 17 section winners
1st place: Alfred Awe Sc, 2nd: Akeem Jenkins E Cayo, 3rd: Javier Lisby Sc, 4th: Steve Flowers Belize, 5th: Evan Hynes Belize, 6th: Gilberto Perez Corozal


1st place: Cordelia Raymond


8 & under:Omary Medina Bz, 9 & 10:Pablo Cawich E Cayo,11 &12: Vincent Hulse W Cayo, 13:Natalia Henderson E Cayo, 14 & 15Henry Bull Sc, 16 &17:Virginia Cus Toledo

Markiese Brown W Cayo, Jasmine Bol SC, Lydia Rash Toledo, Erwin Wills E Cayo, Ayleen Perez OW, Colleen Tate SC

8 & under:Zhair Lizama Bz,9&10: Isani Cal Toledo, 11&12:Amir Coc Toledo, 13:Dante Reneau Bz, 14&15:Jeremy Quinto Bz, 16&17:Efrain Navarro OW

8 & under: Micheal Waight E Cayo, 9&10: Ariola Cucul, 11&12:Keiderre Loria Corozal, 13: Carolee Arana SC, 14&15: Shajir Pech Corozal, 16&17: Juan Lopez SC


1ST PLACE: King Hunters Orange Walk, 2nd place: Mayan Knights Toledo, 3rd place: King Slayers West Cayo



Aaron sho SC, Gesselle Coc Bz, Amaire Huitz Corozal, Laura Andrews SC

Winners of the Ultimate Chess Player Vocabulary Challenge Mayan Queens
Nia Beane, Maricela Cocom, Natalia Henderson, Tatiana Henderson


the children had alot of fun playing and learning

All the trainings and hard work over the year finally paid off.


BNYCF received special recognition from Toledo district and from the Golden Queens team.

BIRTHDAY BOY: Kris Sanchez, our very first junior coach working at the Olympiad as a tournament director.

An award was presented to Grand Master Maurice Ashely by the winning team's captain Alfred Awe

A big thank you to all the coaches and Tournament directors
without you it wouldn't have been possible.
All their hard work has paid off, thanks a lot.

Special THANKS goes to Caracol Stiltwalkers from Arenal. This is their third year of participation in the Chess Olympiad. Here is a bit of information for those who are not familiar with them:

Caracol is a youth development and community arts organization working in the Adjacency zone between Belize and Guatemala. We use all forms of art as tools for personal development, confidence building and group formation. The stilt walker group rehearse each week to present their shows that include acrobatics, juggling and dance. The group also produce their own costumes using sewing machines given as donations. Stilts are not toys they are a serious tool that require dedication, fitness, flexibility and respect; a stiltwalker cannot function well alone! The stilt walkers from Arenal have performed twice at the Chess Olympiad and also at the Belie City Carnival, The National Festival of Arts Parade, Spelling B, Independance Day Parades in Benque Viejo del Carmen, Mango Fest, Cayo Arts Festival, Band Fest, Festival of Lights in Cristo Rey, World March for Peace and Non Violence in Melchor De Mencos and in numerous other events in Belize and Guatemala.

Special Thanks to the Businesses who made the event possible:

Caves Branch Jungle Lodge( national sponsor)
BTL( national sponsor)
Builder's Hardware
Atlantic Insurance
Atlantic Bank
Art Box
B.R.C. Printing
Belize Bank
Belmopan City Online
Caribbean Treasures
Home Protector
Hot Mamas's
Love TV
Royal Mayan Shrimp Farms
Scotia Bank